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  1. short little toon https://youtu.be/bQM75phCV_M

    about an hour ago from web
    • I was going through my local listings browsing for comics. About 60% is Manga, 20% Disney, 10% Marvel/DC, the rest mostly Astérix, Lucky Luke, and then random others. And everything almost exclusively in German. I found only a couple offers with comics that are in English. Somehow I prefer reading fiction in English.

      about 6 hours ago from web
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      about 5 hours ago from web
      • learned a new lesson today: don't ever try to import 72 4k PNGs, each one over 11MB because you couldn't be bothered to bump up the compression during the Blender export, into Flash at once

        about 11 hours ago from web
        • i'm having a bit of a suicidal episode (unrelated to my pervious post) and i'm pretty sure it's an adverse after-effect of an over-the-counter mood relaxer I took earlier today, which is nice that i know what's causing it and how to avoid that in the future, but it doesn't help me RIGHT NOW, so that's fun

          about a day ago from web
        • the good news: it's late so there's no traffic to throw myself in front of and it's like forty degrees so waiting on the side of the road for a car to show up is out of the question

          about a day ago from web
          • in a moment of hubris i lost $320 on Dogecoin tonight, which is pretty good considering there's probably a guy out there who lost his mom's house

            about 2 days ago from web
            • Curse words... Had an idea, went to my drafts - took a minute to check if it was already in there. Then, forgot my idea. /shrug

              about 2 days ago from web
              • I've added a proper half-transparent mirror foil to my windows. I hope it'll prevent that my apartment heats up quickly.

                about 2 days ago from web
                • App / Website Idea

                  A friend finder???

                  Step 1: Log in with Google, Facebook or Apple.
                  Step 2: Select your privacy settings.
                  Step 3: Add your personality defining likes. Interests, hobbies, ect.
                  Step 4: Add things you explicitly don't like to do or talk about.
                  Step 5: Get a list of people sorted by how a like they are to you and how close they are to you.

                  about 3 days ago from web
                • My All Dogs Go to Heaven animation cels got here today. First time I’ve ever bought one. Hoping to get some Bakshi originals next.

                  about 3 days ago from web
                • It's shocking how hard it is to find a decent and respectable portrait image of a Lizardfolk person with a female appearance without huge mammaries (or chestbumps), and in a realistic art style, and sufficiently clothed. I don't mind a little wider breast but it gets out of hand in a lot of images.

                  about 5 days ago from web
                • Tiger Queen launching a cryptocurrency, inb4 the next Fallout launches with "bottlEcaps" crypto tie-in

                  about 5 days ago from web
                  • @scribus Todd Howard announces at E3 that it directly ties into the flow of bottle caps in-game through an online server, which sounds cool in theory, but in practice everyone loses money because somebody figured out you could duplicate them by making your companion pick the world object up while you’re pressing the button at the same time.

                    about 5 days ago in context
                  • @zeldatra The big question is, will it be a Coke or a Pepsi tie-in?

                    about 5 days ago in context
                • Well my Sims had a baby, so I'm probably never going back to that save file now

                  about 5 days ago from web