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  1. Wondering if there are any fellow bronies/MLP fans in Montreal, since I can't travel out of Montreal.

    about a day ago from web

    about 2 days ago from ban me pls
    • i'm not a big fan of anime, i mostly think it's a bunch of vapid garbage, but today a friend introduced me to high school dxd, which i would say i can't believe got aired on tv on account of the fact that it's basically softcore pornography, but then i remember that softcore pornography accounts for about 99% of tv nowadays, it's probably tamer than euphoria or sex education or whatever the FrankerZ they're airing on Paramount+, the difference between this show and all of those other ones is that the English dub bets all of its chips on snappy comedy and cool fight scenes instead of giving me a melodramatic plot line about Zendaya getting her third abortion. there's a scene in one episode where a character's nipples turn into a gun like an Austin Powers gag. it's unreal how much this show made me laugh. more funny english dubs please.

      about 2 days ago from web
      • OK so maybe Sims 4 is not total and complete garbage, but I still need extensive cheats and mods just to get the basics handled and they broke too many fundamental things into way too many individual DLCs, and EA is still knee-deep trashwater

        about 2 days ago from web
      • We Baby Bears is a bit disappointing and I cannot point out why. I only watched two episodes so far. During that time I haven't felt the special laid-back appeal of We Bare Bears (even the baby bears episodes). We Baby Bears are using a very imaginative plot device having the bears using a box transporting the bears to fantasy worlds. Also the animation style seems to give some off vibes as well as the fact that Ice Bear speaks. The show is not bad but it doesn't connect with me as well as the old show did.

        about 4 days ago from web
        • I've plowed through, what feels like, 9000 lines of code and did some reformatting and minor improvements. So like there were some parts where a list of data was filtered and then the first element was selected but it could be improved using the same filter function and abort it at the first element. There were also plenty of code paths that could have been potentially crash-worthy where a uninitialized object could slip through and cause an exception and crash. The next step is to analyze the whole code base and make some abstractions and refactor the code for better readability. It's truly a mess, as if it were written by a novice or someone who gives a cherry.

          about 6 days ago from web
          • Those new electric Hyundais sound like Japanese Zeroes

            about 7 days ago from web
            • Hm... Microsoft bought Activision for almost $69 billion dollars. I hope that the working conditions for the programmers improve a lot.

              about 8 days ago from web
              • This is what really ticks me off, people were told over and over again before the election that he was gonna do some radical bs, then people said we were being over-dramatic and elected him, and then he got into office and now he’s doing everything we said he would and a bunch of well-off suburban whites suddenly are on twitter saying he’s the worst Governor we ever had. Didn’t we just go through that exact thing with Trump? What percentage of Americans has dementia? Because in Virginia, it seems to be 50.6%.

                about 10 days ago from web
                • Oh wow Virginians are mad that Glenn Youngkin wasn’t entirely truthful about what kind of agenda he’d push? Gee I wonder who saw that coming two hundred miles away

                  about 10 days ago from web
                  • Matt animate like a normal human being challenge http://rainbowdash.net/url/876061

                    about 10 days ago from web
                    • I’m thinking about these things because I’m about to get stranded at work because of a snowstorm so I’m gonna have a lot of time to myself.

                      about 11 days ago from web
                    • Thinking about running for local office as a Republican simply because all you have to do to get nominated where I live is show up to the convention. Then, with that guaranteed loss in the general, I can just use it to promote my views on why Goblins Are Real.

                      about 11 days ago from web
                      • So of course the very week of my brother's wedding, all of the good cousins finally catch the 'rona :-/ BUT WAIT there's more!! The best person's kid got it, too :c Pretty much everybody local, afaik, had to back out. But they couldn't reschedule because for everybody else it was too late to cancel travel. Good times all the same. Had tacos. Wore bad shoes for too long. Ate too many brownies. Was not the only one in a kilt.

                        about 11 days ago from web
                        • # # LA CASA DE CASCO REABRE SUS PUERTAS
                          Primera casa de alto de Chascomús, construida en 1831 y habitada por descendientes de la familia hasta 1979.
                          Instituto Historiográfico (Archivo Histórico). En el horario habitual de lunes a domingos y feriados de 9 a 15hs.
                          Cabe destacar que respetando los protocolos por covid, al momento del ingreso a este espacio patrimonial, se realiza el control de temperatura recomendando un distanciamiento social de 2 metros y el uso obligatorio de barbijo e higiene de manos. http://rainbowdash.net/url/876060

                          about 11 days ago from web
                          • Glenn Youngkin: Don’t worry guys, I’m not like OTHER Republicans. *fires thirty civil rights lawyers his first day in office*

                            about 11 days ago from web
                            • Historic: Virginia inaugurated the most diverse group of white supremacists ever elected in our commonwealth today

                              about 12 days ago from web
                              • "The House" on Netflix was an interesting watch. Watch it only if you are in the mood for something depressing. It's an anthology containing 3 stories around a house but these stories aren't connected beyond the appearance of that house. Plot-wise it's a little shallow whereas it banks on mood and emotions and being allegorical in nature. The stopmotion animation and miniature work was nonetheless very good. I'd rate it a 6/10 with a stronger emphasis on the looks than on the rest. Depending on how you can connect with the stories it might be more a 7.5/10.

                                about 12 days ago from web
                                • I think I have a relatively clean English pronunciation. I hate when the speech recognition thinks I meant "13 minutes" instead of said "30 minutes". Better this way than the other way around but still it's a bother.

                                  about 12 days ago from web
                                  • Hey, if you have HBO Max or access to a cable subscription: I have some friends who worked on Smiling Friends, [adult swim]’s new animated horror comedy. The sixth episode features a Bakshi-inspired character who was animated by some friends of mine, but the whole show in general is very funny. The show hits HBO Max on Feb 9th, and if you have cable, you can watch the entire series on adultswin.com right now. If you could give it a watch, that’d be real cool, because we really wanna see a second season get greenlit and online viewership is pretty much how they decide what gets renewed these days.

                                    about 12 days ago from web
                                  • The Eternals movie was a dud. The actors were all good but the plot and direction were my main issues. Good that I didn't waste my money going to the cinema for that.

                                    about 13 days ago from web